Monday, April 21, 2008

double drama - enchanted/empowered mama


oh god!
covered by beauty
so captivating it terrifies -
searing skin
encircling the spine
in effervescent
is a blue vapour
on the windowpane…
dependant on the mercy
of release -
i am a sphinx
crouched and defiant,
(passion is the vault of grace)
a picasso in surreal thumb prints
- a child - defeated
and cleansed
- a daffodil - in winter bloom
i am filled -


bring it on
enter in simplicity,
you glow
white hot
casting dream dust
before my dazzled eye
i am?
by sahara silk
in matte exposure-
the slide show begins-
high resolution-
light speed
and then the cleaving -
all good things.
to save the flame
i cling to ignorance
the morphine
my spirit craves


wreckfish said...

wow i can almost taste ur words here!

oniongirl said...

blu - going to drop a link at your place - setting up at one of your other 'campsites'... prefer the functionality.

hmmmm... wonder if it will make a difference to my screaming hordes of fans?
mwuaahaaahaaa! i crack me up.

wreckfish said...

ok ok i'll scream. i've been called a horde before you know.


where's teh link???

if ur goin to wp i got a few peeps there u might like too

gemwlhi ... ok that's def welsh.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness.

number 2.

Yeowser. What a beaut.

Anonymous said...

too fekking lazy to log on - am peering in from the other spot.

blu - you crack me up! smart pun.
i'ma gonna try to write some daily stuff too - if you'll just bear with me while i construct a life to speak about?!
czkbziw - uzbekiwhatsit?

nonny mouse - thank you darlin' - kind words go a long way. grand of you to pop in.

MdW said...

Onion girl - your words bring tears to my eyes. I've long missed your words. So good to see them and feel them thread me into their magic again.

oniongirl said...

lawdy mama -the onion and crying bit had me grinning like a masturbating mute for a while!

hope i can splurt out some new stuff soon - at the other spot.